A couple cool free apps I've been using

I have not had a chance to blog about a couple apps I found online.

The first one is called Quest Comparison Suite for SQL Server.  This is an alternative to using Red Gate SQL Compare.  I have used Reb Gate in the past and it is great, but it is pretty pricey.  This tool is pretty impressive for a free tool.  It was written using the .Net 1.1 framework but still works well.  The only issue I’ve had with it is the way it creates the SQL scripts.  Sometimes it inserts transaction and rollbacks that cause some issues.  I turned those off and use this to create a SQL script that I then go in and modify a bit to get the job done.  Overall it is a great tool and it’s free!

The second is one I just downloaded and installed this week.  It’s called Synergy.  This is a great tool that let’s you share a mouse and keyboard between machines.  I know this doesn’t sound like anything to blog about, but let me explain how it works.  Most people know about KVM switches.  Well with this tool you can do the same thing that a KVM switch can do without the switch.  It uses the network instead.  So, as long as the two machines are on the same network you can setup Synergy to switch machines when your mouse hovers over any edge of your screen.  You configure which side of the screen goes where. 

I use Synergy because I have a laptop that I use to develop from home and a desktop that I use at work.  So, when I’m at work I can set this up so I can use the same keyboard and mouse and switch between my desktop and laptop.  It works like I have dual monitors setup but it actually switches from my desktop screen to my laptop screen and back.  It’s hard to explain, but it is cool. The only downside is the UI for this tool.  Setting it up is a pain through the UI, but once it is setup it is great.  If you want to try it be sure to read the documentation.  We all read the documentation before we use stuff right  

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ben, very glad that your experience with Comparison Suite has been so positive. I'm forwarding this post on to our product management team so they are made aware of the feedback on the SQL script generation - this is definitely something they should know. Thanks for the positive review and enjoy the tool!