.Net Framework 3.0 Free E-Learning

Just an FYI there are three free 2 hour courses available from MS E-Learning on .Net Framework 3.0.  There is a class for WPF, Workflow, and WCF.  I think they are just intro classes, but the prerequisites make it sound like they might get into some deep content.  I just signed up so I will keep everyone updated as I go through the classes.  Here is the link if you want to check it out.


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Behavioral Design Patterns

I completed my presentation on Behavioral Design Patterns and presented it this morning.  Thanks again to FDC for having me!  If you have any questions or comments about the presentation please feel free to comment on this blog or email me.  Here is the presentation and the demos:

Behavioral Design Patterns.zip

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Determining the website that belongs to an IIS process

Today I ran into an issue where there was a w3wp.exe process running on my server that was pegging the CPU.  The only thing I could find about it was that it was running under the user name of NETWORK SERVICE.  I had no idea what site was causing the issue.  I searched online and found this command:


Run this from the command prompt and it will give you the PID to web site mapping.  You might also have to add the PID column to your Windows Task Manager.  Click View.. Select Columns to add this column.

Good Luck…

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Do you need a car or a USB jump drive?

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Events and Structural Design Patterns

Thanks FDC for having me for the Events and Structural Design Patterns Talk! I hope you got enough out of it to help you complete your drills or to help you retain some of the concepts from the drills. I would also like to thank those of you who attended this session at the South Colorado Code Camp on Saturday. I hope you got as much out of code camp as I did. I would appreciate any comments on how I can make the talk better. Just email me or insert a comment to this blog post. Here is a link to the zip file with the demos and slides: Events And Structural Design Patterns.zip

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