HTML5 WebCamp - Bring Your Tent and Get Ready For Some Smores

I just wanted to make a quick post to inform everyone about an an all day HTML5 event coming to Colorado Springs on Friday, June 10th.  The event is presented by Microsoft and includes demoes, presentations and hands-on labs.  MS Developer Evangelists Dr. Doris Chen and Michael Palermo will host and present the event.

Now for the info that will seal the deal.  The thing that makes taking a Friday off work to attend this event worth it.  I will make a guest appearance during some of the demoes and try to throw Michael Palermo off his game.  Demoes are hard enough when you do them yourself.  Now Michael will have to deal with me driving while he directs me from the backseat.  Should be an enjoyable ride.

To get more details and register for the event visit the MS Events site here.  I hope to see you on June 10th.  It will be epic!  (As the kids say these days)

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