The .Net Runtime

I recently completed this Presentation for FDC. It went pretty well. The title of this presentation is a bit vague so I will explain what it covers. The first section is on how to create custom config setting either in the app.config or the web.config. The first demo uses the settings that are built in with Visual Studio 2005 then the next demo uses a custom section to work with some more advanced settings. The next pieces of the presentation are related to manged vs. unmanaged code and how to handle unmanaged resources safely. Then the presentation jumps into Reflection. The second demo builds on a previous demo and uses reflection to determine what file format to use for application logging. The final section deals with how to invoke unmanaged code from within .Net and also how to wrap your .Net code so it can be used by unmanaged applications. So, there is a melting pot of subject matter. If you have any questions please place some comments on this blog and I will get back to you. Here are the demos and the slides.

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Do not upgrade to new Blogger.Com version if you use Third Party blogging software

I recently upgraded to the new version on Blogger.Com for this blog. I wish I wouldn't have because now I cannot get BlogJet to post anymore. The issue is that in order to use the new Blogger.Com you have to create a Google account to use as your login. Well, apparently the third party blogging apps do not know how to connect using your Google account. If I use my old username and password I get a msg stating that my old account was migrated to a Google account. If use the email address and password of my Google account I simple get an invalid user name and password msg. Very flustrating. I might have to look around for a new blogging engine in order to fix this. I recently upgraded to Vista and Office 2007 and I have tons of stuff to blog about, but I hate using the web interface.

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Inputs and Outputs

I recently completed this Presentation for FDC.  It went pretty well.  The main part of the demo is how to do file IO and compression.  There is also a bit of regular expressions and network stuff.  The network stuff i had never used.  When it comes to sending data and messages I usually use Web Services.  So, there is a Web Services demo included.  However, my final last ditch effort to get the Web Services demo working with the DeflaterStream failed.  It would not let me pass this stream as a parameter to my web service because it is not serializable.  I will work on that tonight to see if there is a fix.  Here are the demos and the slides. (340 KB)

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SQL Server 2005 Disk Size Report

I previously blogged about a way to determine the sizes of your tables in a SQL 2005 DB.  That blog entry is still valid and is still useful.  There is a solution to this provided by SQL Server 2005.  The option has to be enabled on the server to be able to use it.  If it is available, you can click on the database, then in the summary window title bar click the “Report” drop down and select “Disk Usage”.  This report will give you the overall disk usage of the DB.  If you scroll down you will see a label named “Disk Usage By Tables”.  If you expand that you can get the table sizes in a grid that is similar to the one I previously blogged about.  So depending on what you need the data for and what security you have on the DB,  using one of my blog entries on this subject you should be able to get the table sizes.

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