VS Live Redmond Recap. Who’s ready for VS Live Orlando?

Last week was VS Live in Redmond.  I’m just recovering enough to write a post about it.  It was a great conference.  The best thing about this conference is the interaction between presenters and attendees.  As a presenter I love the ability to talk offline with attendees at all the different events setup by the conference organizers.  I also like interacting with the rest of the presenters at the conference as well.  I really feel energized and ready to go after taking in all the information at the conference.

I presented two sessions in Redmond.  One on Internet Explorer\HTML5\CSS3 and one on using MEF to build composable applications.  Both sessions went well.  The attendees had great questions and were well engaged.  During these sessions a few code changes and demos were done.  Below are links to the updated slides and demo code:

IE9: HTML5 Developer Overview

MEF Composition

Let me know if you have any feedback regarding the content of these files.  Other than that I want to say thank you to all those that attended my sessions.

After all that happened in Redmond I am jazzed to do it all again in Orlando.  If you have not registered for the Orlando conference do it here now as early bird pricing ends next week.  As a presenter I love to attend the other sessions at the conference and gain as much knowledge as possible.  In Redmond I was always conflicted on which sessions to attend.  I’m looking forward to catching those sessions I missed in Orlando.

Hopefully the temperature in Orlando will be a bit warmer as well.  See you there.