Space Shuttle Coding - SoCal Code Camp a Huge Success

Last weekend I spoke at the SoCal Code Camp in LA.  The event was held on the University of Southern California campus.  As a C# MVP and Telerik Insider, this code camp was a great opportunity for me to discuss geek stuff with my peers.  Here are a few pictures from the event:

WP_000526 WP_000521 100_2850100_2851 100_2853100_2852

I had two sessions during the weekend.  One on Windows 8 Development for the Enterprise and the other on Tips For Building Fast Multi-Touch Web Sites.  I got tons of positive feedback so I think the talks went well.  Below are links to the slide decks and code samples:

Windows 8 Apps for the Enterprise Links:

Initech Dashboard

Initech TPS Coversheet

Windows 8 Apps For the Enterprise Slides

Side Loading Install Scripts

Tips For Building Fast Multi-Touch Web Sites Links:

Fast Multi-Touch Web Site Slides

Finally, when I signed up for the code camp I was unaware the the Space Shuttle Endeavor was being moved to it’s permanent home at the LA Science museum.  When I landed in LA the shuttle was just leaving the airport on a 48+ hour journey to the museum.  Here are a few shots of the shuttle heading down the streets of LA:

100_2826 100_2828 100_2834 100_2838 

I had a great time and enjoyed meeting fellow geeks and discussing all things related to code and space travel!

Code in the Sun! (Silicon Valley Code Camp, SoCal Code Camp, Desert Code Camp and VS Live Orlando)

Thanks to my employer Aspenware, the Telerik Insider program and VS Live 360 I’m getting ready to embark on an adventure to sunny Arizona, California and Florida.

First, I will be in the San Francisco area this weekend (Oct. 6 and 7) to speak and represent Telerik at the Silicon Valley Code Camp.  I’m doing two sessions: the first on speeding up your websites and enabling them for touch browsing (Session Details).  My second session is on ASP.NET MVC and using the Kendo UI MVVM (Session Details).  Click here for more details about the code camp and to register for the event.

The next weekend (Oct. 13 and 14) I will be in LA for the SoCal Code Camp.  I am also representing Telerik and doing two talks at this code camp as well.  The first is the same talk on speeding up your websites and enabling them for touch browsing (Session Details).  My second session is on Windows 8 for the Enterprise (Session Details).   The Win 8 sessions will detail how to install your Windows Store apps without using an actual “Store”.  This is handy for testing and also for deploying apps inside your enterprise.  To see the other sessions and register for the event click here.

Next I will be representing Telerik in Chandler, Arizona for the Desert Code Camp on Nov. 17.  I will be presenting all three of the presentations I mentioned above (speeding up your websites and enabling them for touch browsing, Windows 8 for the Enterprise and ASP.NET MVC and using the Kendo UI MVVM).  You can see my sessions for this camp here.  You can see all the sessions and register here.

And for the grand finale I’ll be speaking at Visual Studio Live! December 10-14 in Orlando, FL  Providing expert solutions for .NET Developers, Visual Studio Live! is great for developers, software architects, programmers and designers who are looking for hard-hitting, practical training from both industry experts and Microsoft insiders.

I’ll be presenting the following sessions:

· Expression Blend 5 For Developers: Design Your XAML or HTML5\CSS3 UI Faster

· Windows 8 Metro Style Apps for the Enterprise

SPECIAL OFFER: As a speaker, I can extend $500 savings on the 5-day package. Register here:  and use code VOSPK12.

The extra-cool part about Visual Studio Live!: four events in one! This year, the event will be co-located with SQL Server Live!, SharePoint Live!, and Cloud & Virtualization Live!. You can customize your conference agenda and attend ANY sessions from all four events. Register now:

Many thanks to Telerik for sponsoring me as an Insider.  I love their tools and the people that work there.  They are passionate about helping developers do their job.  I’m also very thankful to the folks at VS Live for selecting me to speak at their conferences as well.  VS Live conferences are the best conferences for the price out there period!

Please visit the websites for these great events and attend as many of them as you can!

Windows 8 Development For The Enterprise Using Side Loading

Last week I spoke at the Denver Visual Studio User Group meeting on developing Windows 8 Metro (Windows Store) Style application for the Enterprise.  The main purpose of the talk was to inform developers that these types of applications can be useful for an Enterprise.  I also want the world to know that these Windows Store applications can be installed without going through the actual Windows Store using a technique called “side loading”.  When you side load an app on Windows 8 you can bypass some of the rules and regulations in place for these apps and build apps that might be more useful for internal line of business apps.  The details on how this is done and some links to online references are included in the slides.  The Demos demonstrate some of the techniques discussed in the slides.  Please download all the content and let me know if you have any questions.

Initech Dashboard

Initech TPS Coversheet

Windows 8 Apps For the Enterprise Slides

Side Loading Install Scripts

Visual Studio Live! Redmond Early Bird Deadline Approaching

Visual Studio Live! is returning to Microsoft HQ (Redmond, WA)August 6-10, 2012. If you've never attended before, it's a great opportunity to build your skills and learn from top Microsoft experts and insiders - right in the heart of the "Mothership" itself!

Tracks at Visual Studio Live! Redmond include:

  • Visual Studio / .NET
  • Windows 8 / WinRT
  • Cloud Computing and Services (such Azure and WCF)
  • Silverlight / WPF
  • Data Management (including SQL Server, SQL Azure and Hadoop)
  • Windows Phone
  • Cross-Platform Mobile (including app development for iOS, Android and WP7)
  • HTML5
  • Web (including ASP.NET and RESTful Services)

The extra-cool part about Visual Studio Live! Redmond: attendees get exclusive access to the Microsoft campus, including the employee-only discount area at the Microsoft Company Store (which means stocking up on hugely-discounted software)!  Here are a couple additional links:



10 Reasons to Attend:

Register before July 10th using this code and Save $300!

Registration Link:

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