.NET Developer Virtual Conference - Update 9/30/2008

Just wanted to update everyone on a couple of things related to the .Net Virtual Conference.  In my previous post, I explained the idea of the conference and discussed all the great content that is available.  In these hard economic times, getting access to this type of content for $100 is a great opportunity to save some money without compromising the bottom line.  Well, things have gotten even better!  Announcing a change to the .NET Developer Virtual Conference.  Now the .NET Developer Virtual Conference also provides access to the SharePoint, Business Intelligence and the SQL Server virtual conferences.  Read the details here.  Now you pay the same price ($100) and get access to over 120 session.  Pretty awesome.  PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGE FOR ALL CONFERENCES.  THE CONFERENCES WILL NOW OCCUR ON NOV. 5th, 6th and 7th.  Here is the registration link.  Do not miss out on this opportunity to be in the know!

On a personal note I recorded my sessions last week and I think they went pretty well.  My WPF talks are not the flashy, shiny WPF sessions you've seen in the past.  These sessions will help you with the actual guts of doing a useful WPF application.  Leave all that flashy, shiny stuff to those artsy designers and their black turtlenecks.

I was also subjected to an interview that was posted by Chris Shaw.  If your interested in my answers to the tough questions in the interview please click here.  Please do not be scared away by my ugly mug at the top of the article.  If you look around on Chris Shaw's blog you will find some of the interviews with the other presenters.

Method Error 500 and AJAX

I'm using the cascading drop down provided by the AJAX control toolkit.  I started getting a "[method error 500]" in one of my drop downs a few months ago.  At the time I thought it was bad data and after I removed some of the dups all was fine.  Well, the problem came back recently and I determined all the data was accurate.  So, I began debugging through the problem.  After I got some more details from Fiddler and debugging, I was able to find this post that fixed the issue.  Kudos to Simon Harriyott.

My work here is done.

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Using Fiddler To Debug Locally

Fiddler is an invaluable tool for seeing what is actually being sent over the wire in your web application.  Fiddler runs without issue when using it to track chatter that is occurring over the normal HTTP channels.  However, it will not log traffic when running your ASP.NET application in debug mode locally.  There is an easy trick to fix that.  Here is the post that describes the fix.  Enjoy!

Now play that Fiddler boy and give the devil his due...  When are they going to release the Golden Fiddler?  (Sorry for the "Devil went down to Georgia" reference.  I just couldn't help myself)

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