Windows 8 Development For The Enterprise Using Side Loading

Last week I spoke at the Denver Visual Studio User Group meeting on developing Windows 8 Metro (Windows Store) Style application for the Enterprise.  The main purpose of the talk was to inform developers that these types of applications can be useful for an Enterprise.  I also want the world to know that these Windows Store applications can be installed without going through the actual Windows Store using a technique called “side loading”.  When you side load an app on Windows 8 you can bypass some of the rules and regulations in place for these apps and build apps that might be more useful for internal line of business apps.  The details on how this is done and some links to online references are included in the slides.  The Demos demonstrate some of the techniques discussed in the slides.  Please download all the content and let me know if you have any questions.

Initech Dashboard

Initech TPS Coversheet

Windows 8 Apps For the Enterprise Slides

Side Loading Install Scripts