Space Shuttle Coding - SoCal Code Camp a Huge Success

Last weekend I spoke at the SoCal Code Camp in LA.  The event was held on the University of Southern California campus.  As a C# MVP and Telerik Insider, this code camp was a great opportunity for me to discuss geek stuff with my peers.  Here are a few pictures from the event:

WP_000526 WP_000521 100_2850100_2851 100_2853100_2852

I had two sessions during the weekend.  One on Windows 8 Development for the Enterprise and the other on Tips For Building Fast Multi-Touch Web Sites.  I got tons of positive feedback so I think the talks went well.  Below are links to the slide decks and code samples:

Windows 8 Apps for the Enterprise Links:

Initech Dashboard

Initech TPS Coversheet

Windows 8 Apps For the Enterprise Slides

Side Loading Install Scripts

Tips For Building Fast Multi-Touch Web Sites Links:

Fast Multi-Touch Web Site Slides

Finally, when I signed up for the code camp I was unaware the the Space Shuttle Endeavor was being moved to it’s permanent home at the LA Science museum.  When I landed in LA the shuttle was just leaving the airport on a 48+ hour journey to the museum.  Here are a few shots of the shuttle heading down the streets of LA:

100_2826 100_2828 100_2834 100_2838 

I had a great time and enjoyed meeting fellow geeks and discussing all things related to code and space travel!