Design Patterns and Best Practices Using the ADO.NET Entity Framework

The last session I taped was a demo filled session on how to create a robust multi-layer application using the ADO.NET Entity Framework as the data access layer strategy.  Entity Framework is not perfect.  However, it is a great starting part that allows for extensibility that makes is a nice part of an application’s architecture.  EF 4.0 has taken great strides and gives the developer total control of the generated code via T4 templates.  This session contain less than 10 slides and pretty much 40 minutes of demos.  If you are interested in watching this session please sign up to attend the virtual conference.  The cost is minimal ($190) and the ROI will be huge.  Check out a list of all the great sessions and register at  You can get a $30 discount if you use my VIP code of BHOELTINGSPVC10.  Enjoy!