Beginning C# and Object Oriented Programming

I just finished up taping of two sessions for the SSWUG virtual conference.  The sessions were Beginning OOP with C# part I and II.  I think the sessions went well.  The sessions walk through the basic concepts of creating and using objects.  They start simple and expand to refactor the solution as the business requirements change.  If you are new to C# and trying to make sense of it all these are the sessions for you.  If you already understand the basic concepts of OOP, in part II we dig into some more advanced topics related to interacting with database and saving, updating and deleting the data in your objects.  I think there is something for everyone in this two part series.  If you are interested in watching these sessions please sign up to attend the virtual conference.  The cost is minimal ($190) and the ROI will be huge.  Check out a list of all the great sessions and register at  You can get a $30 discount if you use my VIP code of BHOELTINGSPVC10.  Enjoy!

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