Rocky Mountain Tech-Trifecta : A Week Later

It’s been a week since the Rocky Mountain Tech-Trifecta and I’m still getting caught up and processing everything that I learned there.  I presented a couple sessions and I also attended a bunch of sessions.  Fun stuff.  I think the event was huge success.  Thanks to my employer Colorado Technology Consultants, Inc. for letting me spend so much time volunteering for the event.  A special shout out to Julie Yack for all the time and effort she put in.  Please visit her blog at for a couple cool pictures from the event as well as some fun facts.

As stated above, I did two sessions at the Tri-Fecta.  The code and slides are below.  Please email me any questions or comments to  You can also catch up with me on Twitter.  My handle is benhnet.

Thanks again to everyone that volunteered, organized and attended.

LINQ : DBA vs Developer

Design Patterns For UX

Updated 3/3/2009: I forgot one of the projects being referenced in the Design Patterns for UX.  I have updated the link so please download the project again and it should work.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Your link here:

    is broken. Came to it from google. Not sure what's up there. Would've sent an email but didn't see a link for that.

  2. Unknown Says:

    Really liked your presentations at the Trifecta and thanks for the links to the downloads.


  3. Ben H Says:

    Thanks for the kinds words Bill!

    jcollum - I think the link is fixed now. My blog has been kind of sporatic lately. Not sure if my provider is changing things or what. Anyway, if it doesn't come up the first time try to refresh a couple of times.