XRM Taking Off

At Colorado Technology Consultants (CTC) we do quite a bit of work with MS Dynamics CRM.  One of things Julie and David Yack are big on is the concept of XRM.  If you are not familiar with it, it extends the Customer Relationship Management side of MS CRM to any kind of Line of Business application.  MS CRM is a very customizable product and can be extended to be used for many non CRM type applications.

That being said CTC is kind of the XRM gurus right now.  Dave’s book on the subject is actually being used on MSDN in some places as reference material.  You can purchase the entire book, including a usable .NET framework that comes ready to use with the book, here.  Julie is starting up an XRM Virtual User Group that will consist of monthly Live Meetings related to the XRM space.  The user group site is actually built on top of MS CRM Live and hosted on Azure in the cloud.  Please visit the site to check out an impressive display of XRM and to register with the group.

XRM is becoming one of the hot Dynamic products.  So, you next step is to attend the XRM Virtual User Group meetings and learn how to use XRM to solve your software needs.

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