Useful Design Patterns

I'd like to thank the Northern Colorado .NET User Group for giving me the opportunity to speak to their group last night.  We had a good discussion about Design Patterns.  The patterns we discussed were Singleton, Command, State, Strategy, Provider, Plug-In and Module.  Although my demos are pretty simple and cut some corners, I think you can get a good idea of how to use these in your applications.  The take away from the discussion was that these patterns are great and provide some great guidelines, but they may need to be modified slightly to fit the problem you are trying to solve.  The 2 keys are to always code to an interface or base class and try to use aggregation in place of long complicate inheritance trees.  Again it was a great talk and I hope everyone in the group learned something.  I know I did.

Below is a zip that contains the slides, which explain these patterns, and all the demos.  There is also a DB script for SQL Server to create my sample DB.  The only change you need to make is the connection string for the DB.  Enjoy!

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