The Most Popular Computer Languages

This is a shout out to all my VB readers out there.  First check out this article on the most popular languages.  At first I was surprised to find that C# is number 8 and VB is number 4.  However, it looks like they are grouping all versions of VB into the same category.  This makes more sense since VB has been around for way longer than C#. 

I love sitting around with some of the old timers talking about when they used to use punch cards to program.  To me VB is that legacy.  One day I'll be sitting around with some young whipper snapper right out of college saying:

"I remember back when I used VB 3 and I had to choose the option of creating a 16 bit or 32 bit application when creating a new project."

Today, VB.NET is a powerful Object Oriented language and is used in some of the most advanced software packages out there.  I just remember the days when it wasn't....

LONG LIVE Visual Basic!

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