LINQ talk at the South Colorado .Net User Group on Tuesday

Sorry for the recent draught of post out here, but I’ve busy preparing a talk I’m giving on Tuesday Nov. 6th at the South Colorado .Net User Group.  The group meets in Colorado Springs.  My talk is on LINQ (Language Integrated Query).  I’ve been doing research and creating samples and demos so I’ve had no time to post.  However, once I complete the talk I should have some time to blog about my LINQ discoveries as well as some CRM stuff I’m been hearing about.  Until then, I hope to see you all at the user group meeting.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Your talk on LINQ was fantastic! When/where do you think you might post the code examples from your presentation.

  2. Ben H Says:

    Hey Forrest, I hope to have the slides and samples out here today. I will aslo see if I can post them to the website as well.