Float DBParam to a Money column

I ran into a very interesting issue today.  I was passing in 0.0100 as a parameter to an SP.  When I ran it through debug it did not bring back any records.  However, when I called the exact same SP with the exact same params from SQL Server management Studio it worked fine.  I fixed it by adding a specific cast to my SP in SQL.  The Example is below:

where ShippingCostApplied = Cast(@ShipRateByCube as Money)

I think it might have something to do with the type conversion from .Net into SQL.  There is not a money data type in C# that I know of.  So, I was storing the data in code as a float.  Not sure why the float was not getting converted right, but keep this in mind when messing with the money data type.

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  1. Carl Brown Says:

    In your opionion what is the best data type in SQL to work with money using C#?

  2. Ben H Says:

    Hey Carl, I played with this some more and found that you should use the Double data type when dealing with Money types in SQL Server. Thanks for the comment and I hope this helps.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Double doesnt fit, as it is floating-point type.. Decimal is more appropriate or even SqlMoney