Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

Unfortunently, one of the presenters scheduled for the Spring Utah Code Camp had a dirt bike accident and could not do his presentation.  So, Pat asked for someone to step in and I volunteered to fill in with a talk on Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).  I was surprised that many of the people that attended the session had never really heard of WF.  I was, however, relieved that my talk had the right audience.  This presentation is aimed at those developers that had never seen or worked with WF.  It is pretty high level and the demos are pretty simple.  That being said it is great way to get familiar with WF and the benefits it brings to the table.  There is tons of information and samples on WF out there on the web, but this presentation and demo is a great way to spend 1 – 2 hours getting your feet wet with WF.  The presentation and demos are below.  There are two files. One that is over 35 MB and includes all the demo videos I got with the Launch Kit for WF.  These videos are also great ways to get up to speed with WF and I recommend talking the time to watch them.  If you want to simply get the slide deck and the demos, that file is only 1.5 MB.  So, choose wisely…

File Attachment: WF With Video (34795 KB)

File Attachment: WF No Video (1718 KB) 

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