E-Learning With Innerworkings

I found this offer from Innerworkings today and wanted to pass it along.  It’s a free trial of their new Ajax learning for ASP.Net.

I had the opportunity to work with some of Innerworking’s object oriented related courses (innerworkings calls them drills) when I was doing some supplementary web casts on the same topics for FDC.  I have to say their e-learning methods are top notch.  Instead of everything being web based, they have you install their client interface.  It is a great interface and the drills really walk you through the processes of solving real world problems. 

If you are a manager\team lead and are trying to get your people up to speed with new techniques\technologies, Innerworkings is a great way to go.  It is also great for the software professional who is just trying to upgrade his\her skills to the latest technology.

Obviously, I highly recommend them.

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