The .Net Runtime

I recently completed this Presentation for FDC. It went pretty well. The title of this presentation is a bit vague so I will explain what it covers. The first section is on how to create custom config setting either in the app.config or the web.config. The first demo uses the settings that are built in with Visual Studio 2005 then the next demo uses a custom section to work with some more advanced settings. The next pieces of the presentation are related to manged vs. unmanaged code and how to handle unmanaged resources safely. Then the presentation jumps into Reflection. The second demo builds on a previous demo and uses reflection to determine what file format to use for application logging. The final section deals with how to invoke unmanaged code from within .Net and also how to wrap your .Net code so it can be used by unmanaged applications. So, there is a melting pot of subject matter. If you have any questions please place some comments on this blog and I will get back to you. Here are the demos and the slides.

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