Signs that I'm doing ok as a (Geek) parent

My friend and co-worker Julie Yack posted about this subject on her blog here.  Her signs are probably more normal.  It made me think that my signs are geared towards the Geek (mainly Star Wars) culture.  Here are some signs that I'm doing OK as a (Geek) parent.

  1. My 5 and 3 year old children can hum both the theme song for Star Wars as well as the theme song for the Empire.
  2. When I say to my 3 yr old son "I am your Father" he responds with "No!" ala Luke in Empire Strikes Back.
  3. My 5 yr old daughter's favorite shirt is her green Yoda shirt.
  4. The kids favorite CD to listen to in the car is the soundtrack to Phantom Menace
  5. My son's room is decorated in Transformers decals.
  6. My kids both need a PC so they can go to their ".coms"
  7. And finally this says it all:
  • IAmYourFather
  • SpeederBike
  • Empire

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