Announces Development-as-a-Service

Many of the ‘line of business’ applications today are starting to expose their core framework as a development platform.  MS CRM is a great example of this.  It’s a great CRM solution, but it can also be extended and used to solve countless other line of business needs.  For more information on MS CRM check out David Yack’s CRM blog or the MS CRM site. is jumping on this bandwagon but is also adding an interesting twist.  They are selling their development framework as a service.  It’s also interesting that they are introducing a $0.99 per login option.  You can find some details about this announcement here and get more information on the Salesforce site.  MS CRM has a similar option called MS CRM Live that includes a subset of the extensibility features and is hosted by Microsoft.  You can read more about MS CRM deployment options here.

Looks like these two products are going to battle it out in this space.

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