"Access Denied" JavaScript Error

I ran into an interesting issue this morning with one of the sites I’m working on.  I’m using Ajax and some JavaScript to do multiple things on my site.  We rolled the site out to production and started getting “Access Denied” JavaScript errors all over the site.  We were NOT getting these errors in test and I could not understand why.  I searched online to see if I could get any clues about how to fix this.  I found one article that discussed this error being related to security when working on window objects that are in two different domain (ie. trying to use “http://www.mydomain.com” and “http://mydomain.com” as config values on the same site).  So, the problem turned out to be that we were doing some domain forwarding and cloaking through zoneedit.com.  The cloaking displays “www.mydomain.com” in the address bar no matter what page you go to in the site.  Turning the cloaking off fixed the problem.  Cloaking is not a real high requirement for us so just turning that off is OK for us.  I’m not sure if there is a fix to get both the cloaking and the JavaScript to work.  Our site is working fine now so I’m not going to pursue it, but if someone finds the answer to that question please post that comment here for future reference.

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  1. HansRico Says:

    Not sure if you saw these articles or if they help.