A few things I learned about Vista yesterday

Just wanted to share a couple of things I learned about Vista yesterday. The first is the search capability. I had been getting to my files the old XP way. Opening Windows Explorer and navigating to the folder where the files reside. With Vista, if you open the Start Menu, you will see a search text box at the bottom. I guess I just ignored this or though it would use Windows Live to run an internet search. This search will search your computer for a bunch of things. It will search for programs, files, things in your web favorites and web history as well as all your emails. I recommend you give it a try. Type in “Vista” and see what you get. Secondly, you can create peer to peer wireless connections with Vista. You do not need a wireless router or anything special. I need to do some more research and testing. As a side note, a funny thing happened yesterday while the guy was demoing this. The presenter casually said “Let’s see if there are any wireless networks in my range”. He opened his network sharing center and said “There are some networks.” and walked away. The crowd started laughing. He didn’t look closely at the IDs of the networks and someone had created a peer to peer network named “Fukoff”. It was the first in his list in huge bold letters on the screens…. I learned tons of other stuff and I will try to put that in a few more posts.

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