Book I recently read: Accelerated C# 2005 by Trey Nash, Apress

This is a great book if you are already familiar with object oriented languages such as Java or C++.  Unlike some of the other bricks out there on C# this book assumes you know object oriented coding and glosses over some of the basics.  It get’s right to the stuff you need to get up and running with C# quickly.  I also liked the first few chapters that explain the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the .Net Framework.  These chapters give you the knowledge you need to understand how the system internals work and what the CLR and the .Net Framework take care of for you.  After that, the book mixes some chapters on the basic syntax of C# with some advanced concepts.  The basics include a general C# syntax overview, working with strings, and detailed info on Structs, Classes, Objects and Arrays.  It also includes some more advanced topics such as Threading, Generics, Delegates, Events and Operator Overloading.  Coming from an object oriented background I loved this book.

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